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                                            The Giving Network

                                            Through the Erie Insurance Giving Network, we volunteer our time and give annually to organizations that support our three areas of focus—community building, safety and environmental responsibility.

                                            In 2020, ERIE improved functionality for our Grant Making Program and began a partnership with Benevity. Before applying for funds, please review the updated Funding Guidelines on “How to Apply”.

                                            Living the Golden Rule

                                            At ERIE, we believe in investing in our communities and in the lives of others. We give our time, talent and resources in three key areas of focus.

                                            Community building

                                            We support the United Way and projects for urban revitalization and basic human needs. We also help culture and arts initiatives, entrepreneurialism and education.


                                            We support the disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross and other programs that help keep individuals and families safe and out of harm’s way.

                                            Environmental responsibility

                                            We plant community gardens and help programs that use resources, energy and new technologies responsibly.

                                            A History of Giving

                                            The Erie Insurance Giving Network has deep roots and a long history. Our employees volunteer time, donate funds, and mentor youth to continue our founder’s promise of service to our communities. Watch more about the history of the Giving Network at Erie Insurance. 
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                                            Our Funding Request and Application Process



                                            Get answers to questions?about the eligibility rules, request procedures and typical decision timeline.

                                            Other Ways We Care

                                            We support communities in many ways. Learn more?about the way we work.

                                            Contact Us

                                            If you need to get in touch with us, please call Community Outreach at (814) 870-2940 or email

                                            Review Guidelines Request Funding

                                            Through the Serving Together Program, Erie Insurance supports our fire prevention education, free smoke alarm installations in high risk neighborhoods and enables us to provide the needed assistance to those experiencing a disaster.  Our partnership with Erie Insurance provides the financial, volunteer and leadership support that makes a real difference in the safety of our communities.


                                            A Tradition of Giving

                                            Service has been part of our company’s vision from the start. ERIE’s founder H.O. Hirt had a passion for connecting people, ideas and resources to solve problems in the community. For instance in 1945, when H.O. learned about foster parents plan to help the War Orphans Fund, he encouraged employees to make small monthly donations to the cause. H.O. received many awards and citations in recognition of his contributions and service to the community and the insurance industry. The promise of service to our customers and the community continues to pass from generation to generation at ERIE.

                                            Here’s A snapshot of how we helped communities in 2017.

                                            Learn more about our categories of corporate giving.

                                            VOLUNTEERS 5.7K

                                            Employees spent nearly 5,700 hours volunteering.

                                            DONATIONS 4K

                                            3,964?Charitable gifts Were given by employees and matched by ERIE.

                                            CHARITIES 485

                                            485 charities received donations from ERIE and our employees.

                                            HOW TO GET STARTED

                                            Request Funding

                                            Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations and accredited educational institutions located in the areas served by Erie Insurance  are encouraged to submit a funding request annually. Your request should also support one of our areas of focus: Safety, Community Building and Environmental Responsibility.  You can submit a funding request under $10,000 for consideration at any time. The deadlines to submit funding requests of $10,000 or more are:

                                            • November 15, 2019

                                            (Note: All Erie County EITC funding requests must be submitted by this date in order to be reviewed)

                                            • February 10, 2020
                                            • May 8, 2020
                                            • July 24, 2020
                                            • September 18, 2020

                                            Review Guidelines Request Funding

                                            Stay Connected to ERIE’s Giving Network

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